About Me

Hello, I am Toshriq Asher


I started trading forex in 2019. I was a senior in high school and was soon bored out of my mind spending every day at school watching the clock. I needed a way to secure a solid income as I knew I would never attend universities, because of poor grades.

Yes! Poor grades.

I was never the smartest kid on the block . After being inspired by a friend who who introduced me to forex i did what 95% of us would do and searched the famous ” How to trade forex for beginners” phrase on Youtube and eventually went down this rabbit hole filled with ”Use this 5 min strategy ,and use that strategy” and i think we all know how that goes.
A few months past and a few accounts blown We saw this local Online Course and we put money together and bought it.

I remember staying up whole night feeding on the knowledge ,and I hate studying with a passion ,but just going through the materials was so so fascinating to me.


After about a year of this, something clicked: I realized that it wasn’t just about watching the market move up or down. It was about understanding why it was moving up or down in order to make better decisions about whether or not to buy low or sell high. And once I got past the idea that trading was just gambling with money (which is what most people think), my results improved dramatically!

As i started making money I invested in other courses , Courses from Miami , Courses in the UK, Courses from Ireland. My Goal was to Learn the secrets within the market from some of the biggest Traders you and I know today. And that’s exactly what I did, each course taught me tiny secrets in the market , tweaks that separate me from the good traders and the GREAT traders.

More On us

Online Course

These are great when you can’t make it in person—and some people feel more comfortable learning online. I don’t always have the luxury of teaching in-person, so this is a great way for me to share my knowledge with others who can’t be there with me.

In Person Mentorship

These are my favorite way to teach. It’s always fun to see students’ faces when they’re getting it for the first time. And you can’t beat the energy of a room full of people all learning together!


3+ Years Of Experience
6+ Mentorship Programs Completed